Genome Viewer

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About the Genome Viewer

The Genome Viewer displays supporting information on the genes (for example, GenBank:BA123456) found in an article, using information from and linking to GenBank (NCBI). Using text mining, the application does not require the author to upload any additional files. The author only needs to correctly specify the genes in the article text. For more information on this, please refer to the database linking page.

The Genome Viewer shows the sequence data of genes mentioned in an article.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • The Genome Viewer gives readers the possibility to visualize and interactively explore gene sequence data to better understand the information presented in the article.
  • It scans the article automatically and builds a list of available sequences based on NCBI accession numbers included by the author.

The Genome Viewer was developed in close collaboration with the NCBI team that developed the NCBI Sequence Viewer.

Example articles