FITS files in journal articles

About FITS Files

Elsevier encourages authors to upload relevant FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data files when they submit a manuscript for publication. FITS files will be presented at the at the specific place in the article where the data is mentioned, giving readers access to valuable data in the right context.

FITS is a common file image format used in Astronomy. It is designed specifically for scientific data and allows description of photometric and special calibration, together with image origin metadata.

As FITS files consists of one or various headers containing ASCII card images that carry keyword value pairs rendered between data blocks. The value pairs provide information such as size, origin, coordinates, binary data format, free form comments, history of the data and anything else the creator desires. Image metadata is stored in a human readable ASCII reader, so that the use can easily examine the headers to investigate the file origin.

Non image data can also be saved in FITS files and they can contain several file extensions.

Benefits for the authors and readers

The FITS files in journal articles enables authors to enrich their paper by displaying additional content in the context in which it is most appropriate.

  • Authors will be able to present their research data at the point of relevance in the article.
  • Readers will be able to better understand the article content by having the data at the right place of the article for their understanding.
  • The FITS files will be downloadable to facilitate the re-use of the data and the validation of the results.

FITS Files

Author Instructions

Submission of FITS files in journal articles is very similar to submitting other types of supplementary material.

The option to add a FITS file type will be available at the file submission screen when you upload your manuscript. We invite you to indicate where in the article the FITS file should be displayed by including an instruction such as "Insert FITS file 1 here" in your manuscript. You can also add a caption to your FITS files by adding an instruction such as "Insert the following caption for the FITS file 1: <caption text>".