AudioSlides Gallery

Top Engineering authors competed to create the best AudioSlides presentation in their field in a competition held in 2013. The winner of the Engineering AudioSlides Competition was selected by a number of our journal editors from the top 3 'most-viewed' presentations. Above is the presentation for "Linear electromagnetic devices for vibration damping and energy harvesting: Modeling and testing"  created by Songye Zhu, Wen-ai Shen, You-lin Xu. The AudioSlides presentations from this competition are all hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel

Author Thanh-Lan Gluckman, answers when asked if she thought recording AudioSlides was helpful in promoting her article: Absolutely, it was a great way to get the message across to busy professionals and the general public in 5 minutes and I could use pretty pictures to make it accessible...When the general public can hear your voice, they get to hear that there is a real live person behind what can be some pretty abstract ideas. It was great having him by my side because he reminded me to smile while I was talking and helped me keep the enthusiasm high. It was also a great tool for me as I could send the presentation to people that might be interested in covering the story

Dr. Tilbe Göksun, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania who co-produced a presentation to accompany a paper in Neuropsychologia, said: The format provides researchers with the opportunity to express the gist of their papers in an easily accessible way. The reader also gets a quick grasp about the paper that cannot be explained in a short written abstract. By embedding the video in personal research or lab websites, the findings in the paper can be reached by a broader audience."