About AudioSlides

With AudioSlides presentations, authors can explain in their own words what their article is about.

AudioSlides provide authors and readers with many benefits. They:

  • Enable authors to promote their work and summarize their main findings in their own words
  • Help readers quickly determine the relevance of an article
  • Are available next to the published article on ScienceDirect immediately
  • Have no additional cost for authors or readers
  • Can be made using a dedicated, easy-to-use website
  • Can be uploaded to YouTube or embedded in other websites, including research homepages

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AudioSlides are short, webcast-style presentations that are shown next to online articles on ScienceDirect. This format gives authors the opportunity to present their research in their own words, helping readers understand quickly what a paper is about and determine its relevance.

Learn more about AudioSlides in the “Introducing AudioSlides” presentation, or check out some examples in the AudioSlides Gallery.

Download the AudioSlides Template PPT, 302 KB to get started!

Example Articles

Author Instructions


If your paper has been accepted by one of the participating journals you will automatically receive an invitation to create an AudioSlides presentation.

Elsevier has developed an easy-to-use web-based tool for creating AudioSlides presentations. Using this tool, you can upload slides and add voiceover audio recordings using only a web browser and a computer with a microphone.

Preparing your AudioSlides presentation is easy:


Check your presentation carefully within the tool before you submit – this version will be published.


You’ll be taken through the submission process in the web tool. To complete publication of your AudioSlides presentation, you will be asked to sign an online license agreement, making your presentation open access.

AudioSlides presentations must be of a scientific nature and accurately reflect the content of the related article. Since they reflect the author's view on their published article, AudioSlides presentations are not subject to peer review (which is clearly indicated on the presentation itself), so they can be posted online without delay.

Visit the Elsevier Support Center to find the answers you need.  Here you’ll find everything from Frequently Asked Questions to ways to get in touch.  You can find out how to create an AudioSlides presentation along with other helpful information.