Antibody Data

About Antibody Data

The antibody data viewer displays supporting information on the antibody (for example, RRID: AB_1015010 ) found in an article, using information from and linking to Antobody Registry. Using text mining, the application does not require the author to upload any additional files. The author only needs to correctly specify Authors should specify Antibody Registry accession numbers in the article text. For more information on this, please refer to the database linking page.

Antibody Data automatically displays additional relevant information about the antibodies referred to in the article, obtained from NIF Antibody Registry.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • It gives readers quick access to detailed information about the antibodies related to the article, expanding their research possibilities and improving their reading experience.
  • Antibody Data also recommends relevant articles on ScienceDirect that refer to the same antibodies, helping readers access related articles quickly and conveniently.

The application was developed in collaboration with the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF). It is the first result of the ongoing Minimal Data Standards pilot (Force11 Resource Identification Initiative).

The Antibody Data also gives readers access to additional information in databases other than NIF, including GenBank and ZFIN.

Example articles

Reviewer Instructions

Reviewers do not need to review any additional files. They can encourage authors to consider indicating Antibody accession numbers as instructed by the data repository.

For more information, read the general reviewer instructions for Content Innovation.