Journal document class elsart

Note to authors and editors: The elsart document class has been replaced by a new document class, elsarticle, which is now accepted for journal submissions. While submissions using elsart will still be admissible, all authors and editors are encouraged to switch to elsarticle.

The following information is retained for reference.

The document class elsart

How to use the document class elsart

The following files may help you in writing articles with the elsart document class. The instructions explain features which are specific for the elsart class. The template files may serve as a starting point for your article.

Preparing Proceedings articles with LaTeX

For authors preparing an article for a Conference Proceedings, we have developed a number of class files which print the article in the layout of the journal in which the Proceedings is to be published.

Elsevier's journals use one of a set of standard layouts numbered 1+–6+. For each layout we may provide a separate class file, called elsartNp.cls, where N is the number of the layout. Please, ask the editorial office of the Conference Proceedings or of the journal which layout is suitable for your particular Conference.

At the moment the following class files are provided:

elsart1p.cls, elsart3p.cls, elsart5p.cls

Because these class files are based upon elsart.cls, you also need the document class elsart.cls. The instructions and the template files are the same as for elsart.cls, see above. The number of columns is fixed for most of these styles. In style 3+ two columns is the default. The class option onecolumn selects a single column layout.

BibTeX style files

We have developed two BibTeX style files for journal articles:

  • BibTeX style file elsart-harv.bst for articles with Harvard style (author-year) references. When you use this style file, you should also use the natbib package.

  • BibTeX style file elsart-num.bst for articles with numbered references.

  • BibTeX style file elsart-num-sort.bst for articles with numbered alphabetically sorted references.

  • BibTeX style file elsart-num-names.bst for articles with numbered references with a name-year label.

Useful LaTeX packages with elsart

There are a number of useful LaTeX packages which may be used with elsart. See here for links.

  • The natbib package helps with the management and formatting of name-year style bibiliographic references.

  • The lineno package allows one to number the lines of the preprint.

  • The graphics packages allow one to include graphics into the article.

  • The amsfonts packages provide access to a large number of Mathematical symbols.