Video Articles

Publish, share and discover video data in peer-reviewed, brief articles

In a video article, authors have the ability to present their scientific findings through visual media. The video(s) provide the viewer with some, or all, of the elements supporting the research findings in a visual rather than written way.

Why publish a Video Article?

  • Ensure video data from research gets the credit it deserves;
  • Share some or all elements of research findings in a visual way;
  • Make the core message of the article easy to access.

Video articles are easy to submit and subject to a quick and transparent peer review process. Templates ensure that video articles are actively reviewed, curated and formatted. In addition, the articles will be indexed and made available immediately upon publication.

Journals that publish video articles include the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Fungal Genetics and Biology, Urology Video Journal and VideoGIE. They provide template-based, brief article formats to help researchers get credit for the work they have done.

Video articles are part of Research Elements: articles that support the publication of research output, including data, software materials and methods – in brief, citable articles complementary to final research articles.

Supporting Journals

The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology accepts Video Articles. A Video Article contains all of the elements outlined in a structured abstract and full written manuscript, but presented in a video form. Using video authors have the ability to present their scientific findings through visual media without having to write a paper. Instead the video provides the viewer with all of the elements supporting the findings in their data but in a visual way

Fungal Genetics and Biology also introduced Video Articles. In these short articles, the text provides the background to a research finding or summarizes the current status of a scientific field, while the video illustrates the main point and makes the core message of the article easier to access.

View Articles published in VideoGIE

VideoGIE publishes original, peer-reviewed video case reports and case series of endoscopic procedures used in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of digestive diseases.Videos demonstrate use of endoscopic systems, devices, and techniques; report outcomes of endoscopic interventions; and educate physicians and patients about gastrointestinal endoscopy.

View all articles in  Urology Video Journal 

Urology Video Journal publishes video articles related to urological surgery. The mission of this open access journal is to offer a stepwise approach to surgical innovation in a “Show me how” video format. Content focuses on new techniques, tips and tricks, and trouble-shooting for adult and pediatric surgeries, throughout different stages of interventions, and with a focus on innovation and reproducibility.