MethodsX co-submission

A number of Elsevier journals offer authors the possibility to co-submit one or more method articles to the journal MethodsX alongside their research article. MethodsX welcomes submissions that describe customized methods from all research areas. By releasing the hidden gems from your lab book, you can get credit for the time, effort and money you've put in to making methods work for you. If the main research article is accepted, the co-submitted method  article will also be published in the open access journal MethodsX.

The MethodsX co-submission workflow

  1. Interested authors download and complete a Method Article template. The template is also available to download from the Guide for Authors and from the editorial submission site of participating Elsevier journals (below).
  2. Authors upload the Method Article as a single document or zip file alongside the other submission files of the research article in the participating journals (manuscript file, cover letter, figures etc). Select the item type: "Method Details (MethodsX)" in the drop-down menu.
  3. Authors can submit their completed data article at original submission or revised submission stage.
  4. If the research article is accepted, the method article files are sent directly to the MethodsX journal for editorial review and/or external peer review; any necessary revisions are requested of the authors.
  5. When the method article is published in MethodsX, it is linked to the research article in the participating journal on ScienceDirect.

Participating Elsevier journals

The following journals offer authors the opportunity to directly submit a methods article to MethodsX alongside their research article. Check the research data section under the Guide for Authors of the journal of your choice.