Featured Author Videos

About Featured Author Videos

Featured Author Videos display videos of authors explaining their research next to the article on ScienceDirect.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • Featured Author Videos enable authors to explain their research in their own words, helping them connect and communicate with the reader in a powerful and engaging way.
  • It helps the reader understand the author’s ideas and methods and the article’s content.

Example Articles

Author Instructions


Read this Featured Videos Guide for authors and editors for more information on preparing your video.

Featured Author Videos supports MP4 file format only. You can convert video files to MP4 using this free online converter.

Please prepare the video file in the dimensions 640 x 480 at a maximum rate of 30 frames/sec. Recommended file size is up to 80 MB. Please consider compressing large video files, e.g. using Handbrake (free, open source).


Please check your video before submitting using the online validation tool.

Please note that video processing may take a few minutes. If validation is successful, the tool will display your video exactly in the same way as it will appear on ScienceDirect. If you see error messages, please amend your video until it is suitable for submission.