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A year ago, Elsevier launched a new virtual journal called Atlas to recognize world-changing research that impacts people, the planet, resources and technology. Each winning article receives an award and is publicized with an article in Atlas written by a science journalist. The articles are selected by the Atlas Advisory Board – an independent, international group of experts who review the nominations every month and select the article they think has the biggest impact on the world.

You can read a full account of the first year of Atlas here.


Winner of the 2015  People's Choice Award

"Assessing the global  sustainability of different electricity generation systems" was voted as the favorite Atlas story of the year. Elsevier has made donations to the  charities chosen by the author (Juan José Cartelle Barros): Oxfam and Cocina Económica de Ferrol.


Atlas started in January 2015 with three co-winning articles, which contributed in very different ways:

  • A social network for people working in construction to communicate about safety more effectively, saving lives – and, potentially, billions of dollar
  • Research on how the “sustainable” coffee trade is actually benefiting multinational companies more than coffee farmers themselves
  • The “SuperAmma” campaign – a cartoon supermom who featured in videos, posters and other material to encourage mothers and children in India to wash their hands more regularly to prevent disease

“In the 12 months since we launched, we’ve seen some groundbreaking research in Atlas’s four categories: people, planet, resources and technology,” explained Paul-André Genest, the Elsevier Publisher who manages Atlas. “From a fast, cheap, easy test for Ebola to new technologies for making seawater drinkable, the research has made an impact in many different areas.”

The 2015 Atlas award-winning articles, month by month

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