Nominated Articles - 2015

Each month the Atlas Advisory Board are sent a selection of 10 articles to choose their winning Atlas article. The articles are shortlisted by Elsevier from across journal portfolios based on their potential social impact. We are delighted to present the entire monthly shortlist and congratulate the authors of the nominated articles.

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December Nominations

November Nominations

Winning article (free access)

Nanozyme-strip for rapid local diagnosis of Ebola
Biosensors and Bioelectronics

October Nominations

September Nominations

Winning article (free access)

Using lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor tropical forest recovery
Biological Conservation

August Nominations

Winning article (free access)

Recycling of WEEEs: An economic assessment of present and future e-waste streams
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

July Nominations

Winning article (free access)

Higher education and economic development: The importance of building technological capabilities
International Journal of Educational Development

June Nominations

Winning article (free access)

Application of mobile phones in epilepsy care
International Journal of Epilepsy

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