Reach healthcare professionals around the world through high-quality article reprints from trusted journals.

Peer-reviewed scientific and medical articles are in global demand:  physicians read reprints frequently, as a useful way to stay informed of the latest developments in their field*.

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Global portfolio

Elsevier’s global portfolio of medical journals includes some of today’s leading medical publications. Elsevier article reprints are a trusted and engaging way to inform healthcare professionals, providing pharma companies a chance to engage their audiences and build confidence in their products.

Drug market

Worldwide prescription drug sales

According to EvaluatePharma’s World Preview 2018, prescription drug sales expected to reach $1.2trn in 2024, due to novel therapies addressing key unmet needs, as well as increasing access to medicines globally (EvaluatePharma World Preview 2018). Oncology is set to dominate the market by 2024   with sales reaching $233bn in 2024 and an expected CAGR of 12.2% per year.

Anti-diabetics is forecast to remain the second biggest therapy area with sales of $60bn in 2024 and anti-rheumatic fills out the top three.

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Research reports

Research reports

The most reliable information source

2017 Elsevier survey* of 1,611 international healthcare professionals revealed that 88% of healthcare professionals read reprints, up from 79% in 2015. Next to peer-reviewed journals, reprints are the most reliable information source for physicians: 90% consider them useful for their practice, 84%  say they are a reliable source of information and 82% say reprints allow them to keep up-to-date.

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The most important online resource

Elsevier’s 2018 panel research with 1,045 physicians showed an increase in the use of online journals among physicians, with online journals becoming the most important online resource for physicians. Finding and accessing articles is therefore highly important for doctors. A 2016 Panel Survey of 487 physicians found that more than one-third spend the equivalent of one day a week searching for relevant clinical content, and almost half look for new data online several times a day.

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Type of resources

Preferred type of resources

The top 3 preferred types of resources for EMEA physicians when deciding whether to prescribe a drug*:

  • Medical articles
  • Relevant guidelines
  • Clinical trials

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Reprints formats

Prefered type of resources

The top 3 preferred types of resources for EMEA physicians when deciding whether to prescribe a drug*:

  • Medical articles
  • Relevant guidelines
  • Clinical trials

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Whether you are looking to reach your targets via print or digital, we provide a distinctive way to showcase your original articles, where you can benefit from an informed and relevant readership. Reprints are an ideal solution for marketers looking to reach the right healthcare practitioners at the right time.

There are two options for reprints:

Hard copy reprints

Stand out from the crowd with reproductions of your cutting-edge articles on high-quality paper that can be fully customized to appeal to niche audiences across every specialty. Benefit from associating your

brand with world-respected publications, and use our translation services to reach healthcare practitioners wherever you require in the world.


Benefit from the perfect opportunity to share authoritative and original content in a format that resonates with time-pushed medical professionals. With digital reprints, there are a host of interactive digital features at your fingertips, including virtual page turning, to make your articles easy to access and convenient to consume.

Whether it is for promotional or educational needs, digital reprints provide a simple, cost-efficient and effective way to highlight brand-specific, peer-reviewed content to relevant healthcare professionals.

Elsevier reprints are:

  • High-quality - Every article reprint carries the same prestige, authority and quality of the original publication.
  • Timely - You can have an e-reprint produced in just three days per eprints and three days per reprints, and expedited production is available for urgent requests.
  • Accessible - 45% of physicians strongly prefer downloadable PDF reprints. You can choose from a range of digital options for copyrighted content reprints, so you can reach your audience with content in the format they’re looking for.
  • Credible - Elsevier is a trusted brand. Researchers, scientists and clinicians, all trust Elsevier content to be authoritative, authentic and reliable. Our top-tier medical journals represent over a hundred years of excellence

Elsevier eReprints are created with official journal covers and can be customized with product codes and logos, subject to approval. Any article available in Elsevier’s digital archive can be made into an eReprint PDF and ordered in quantities of 100 or more. eReprints are valid for 12 months.

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Elsevier’s reprints additional services

Translation services

Cross boundaries with our expert translation services – enabling your digital reprint to reach global medical professionals in their native language.


Whether you require figures, tables, illustrations, or abstracts, we can fulfill any permission requests for information excerpts from our journal articles.

External content services

If your desired article was not originally published by Elsevier, our Reprints Team can still assist. Work with your Elsevier Reprints Sales representative to leverage our worldwide relationships with other publishers and our content licensing expertise.

Targeting tools

Elsevier’s targeting tools can ensure you’re reaching the right people with your content**

Targeting tools

  • Journal-branded  eReprints
  • Linkards – Business card-sized handouts showcasing the citation of the article alongside your branding, accessible via an exclusive URL or QR code
  • QR Codes – Integrated into your advertising for quick mobile access to your reprint
  • Custom Email Program – Proprietary email lists of influential, involved physicians who fit your ideal candidate profile

* According to Elsevier 2017 Panel Research of 1600 physicians from around the world
** Not all options are available in all regions