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At Elsevier, we provide the springboard to connect with recognized key opinion leaders and subject matter experts across the world. We do this via high-quality scientific content that experts make time to read, and consistently rely upon to make important research, diagnosis and treatment decisions.

We have a range of trusted publications that span every specialty across health and life sciences. Our research platforms, ScienceDirect and Scopus, are regularly used by more than 16 million scientists and physicians, while the highly revered Gray’s Anatomy is among just one of our world-respected text/reference books.

  • In medicine and healthcare alone, we have access to more than 500 journals and nearly 6,500 books, including The Lancet and The American Journal of Medicine.
  • We also lead in life sciences, publishing 1,000 journals and 2,500 books, comprising valued titles such as Cell, Gene and Vaccine.

Whatever your target specialty, we can help you to deliver seamless campaigns that work across multiple print and online platforms. Let us help you reach the most influential professionals with integrated solutions to meet your marketing needs.

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Physician recruiters: delivering top talent

In an increasingly competitive environment, it can be challenging to find the best candidates for healthcare jobs. Our multi-channel packages and extensive resources can help your recruitment advert stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Our tailored recruitment solutions can save valuable time and streamline efforts. With us, you can maximize your budget and achieve a better return-on-investment to attract the most qualified professionals, without the need for multiple searches.

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