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Reach professionals in Arts and Humanities, Business, Management and Accounting, Decision Sciences, Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Psychology, Social Sciences.

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With more than 1,120 leading research journals in this field, combined with established platforms such as Scopus, Mendeley and ScienceDirect - which is used by 16 million scientists and professionals globally, we can give you the reach to interact and engage your target market directly.

physical sciences

We can help you achieve:

  • Lead generation: Build demand for your products and generate highly relevant leads. Target by expertise, discipline, regional and global focus, platform, or via one of our established research journals.
  • Product marketing:Our respected publications and platforms will help you win market share and achieve real product differentiation.
  • Brand equity / thought leadership:Develop an integrated Elsevier campaign that engages with key opinion leaders from a regional to global level.
  • Networking / build brand influence: Our network of Editors, authors, reviewers and readers means that we have unrivaled access to recognized thought leaders.
  • Education solutions: Provide educational programs that uplift the expertise and knowledge of your target market and create a sustainable groundswell in demand and a stronger brand image.

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