Why choose Elsevier as your publishing partner?

Experience. Trust. Audience. 

Elsevier provides a dedicated team and access to integrated publishing systems while the client retains full ownership and editorial control.

Elsevier enables you to reach the widest possible market because you get full use of the in-house technology, workflow, and expertise employed on thousands of Elsevier's own reputable publications.

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Contract publishing services

Production & Hosting by Elsevier - provides publishing solutions for societies, universities, academies of science, government agencies and other academic journal owners who are looking to grow and internationalize their journals.

Supplements  -  to Elsevier journals offer the opportunity to publish or support research in association with the brand name and reputation of a prestigious title. All articles are peer-reviewed to safeguard the scientific quality of the publication and circulated to journal subscribers.

Special Issues - high quality peer-reviewed articles published together in a specific topic. Special issues are peer-reviewed articles published as part of the regular journal issues. They are edited in the style and format of the parent journal and are circulated to all subscribers. Special issues range from thematic content to conference proceedings.

Compendia - engage your audience with a collection of published articles on a specific theme, irrespective of source publication. Compendia provides the opportunity to re-publish a varied collection of articles in one publication, either as a companion to a journal, or independently.