Printed reprints

Printed reprints reproductions of articles printed onto high-quality paper, with various customizable features:

  • Full-color covers and co-branded
  • Article translation
  • Additional custom data, e.g. article citation scores, prescribing information or inventory numbers

These printed reprints can be packaged as a digest, reduced or enlarged, provided in article collections, shrink-wrapped, or direct mailed to any selected target group (this is common for medical reprints).

Digital reprints

Elsevier offers digital formats that provide web-based interactive features such as virtual page turning and social media sharing.   E-prints are electronic copies of an article, in PDF form. These are a simple, low-cost and effective way to distribute peer-reviewed knowledge for promotional or educational reasons.

Mobile reprint edition

Use this digital option for delivery of reprints to mobile or tablet devices. Internet access is not required after the first download. Available for iPads and Android

Ideal for use at major conventions and as a leave-behinds, these business card-sized cards showcase the article and provide an exclusive link to the article with just one click. A PDF is also readily accessible.

QR Codes
Turns print into an engaging interactive multimedia experience via the mobile phone and makes print more relevant to digital users.

Flash Prints
Use this digital option to post on your website, which opens in another browser window with interactive controls.


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