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Print Artwork Specifications

Please note that all ads that do not meet these specifications will be converted, which may result in loss of text or images.

Elsevier shall not be liable for any errors made by the customer, it is the responsibility of the customer to comply with the specifications outlined here.

File Format PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4 compatibility)
PDF compliancy PDF/X-1a (Coated FOGRA39)
B/W Greyscale (No reference to RGB, ICC, CMYK or any other colour space)
Colour CMYK (no RGB, ICC or other colour space)
Resolution 300 dpi
Fonts Embedded within PDF file
Crop marks Do not include these. The trim box settings must be set correctly and this indicates what the crop area is.
Trim box setting Identical to trim size of journal and this must be set when providing full page adverts. <How to find journal trim size?> [hover over box]
Trim size This is the size of the journal.
Bleed advert Bleed is necessary when the background colour should print off the edge of the paper. If the bleed allowance is not included a small white margin may appear on the advert. The bleed box setting must be correctly set. Do also ensure that the preferred live area is adhered to.
Non Bleed advert Non bleed adverts are made with a white background. The correct trim box must be set and the preferred live area should be adhered to (see below).
Live area full page Live area is the recommended size to ensure important information is not chopped off during the trim and bind process. If you have vital information (e.g. contact details) that is too close to the edge of the page you run the risk that essential information may be lost. Please adhere to the recommended live area below.
Fractional adverts The trim box does not need to be set for fractional page adverts but the advert sizes below should be adhered to.
Double Page Spread Double Page Spread. Supply as 2 single pages.
OPI NO Open Prepress Interface (OPI) information to be included in the PDF
Ink Coverage Total ink coverage of flat CMYK color must not be larger than 300%

Insert Information

Loose Inserts (also referred to as loose-leaf inserts): These are inserted in the issue after it is bound. Issues are then individually poly-wrapped before mailing so that the inserts do not fall out.

Loose Inserts: These must be smaller than the trim size of the journal; i.e. if the trim size is 210x280 mm (8¼x11 inches) the insert should be 200x270 mm (10cm = 3.9inches). If they are larger, they must be folded before they reach Elsevier.

Bound Inserts: Bound inserts must be larger than the trim size, i.e. for a journal with a trim size of 210x280 mm (8¼x11 inches), the bounds insert must be 220x305mm, and have a 20mm head trim and 5mm trim each on the bottom, left and right sides. The recommended weight of paper is at least 150 gsm, but no more than 250 gsm (US paper grade #135 – 170).

Submission Process

Guide for access and use of Elsevier's inbound FTP site:

User name: anonymous
Password: [your own email address]

Go to "Elsevier-in" and place the artwork in the APD folder. Please note: when placing the artwork file on the FTP site, the filename must not contain any spaces. Files may be placed there by using 'drag & drop'. For Mac users the 'fetch' option should be used.