Gray’s Anatomy undergoes major surgery for 39th edition

Elsevier brings the best known brand in medical publishing into the electronic age.

Philadelphia, December 7, 2004 – Elsevier, under its Churchill Livingstone imprint, announces the publication in December 2004 of the 39th edition of one of the best known texts in the world, Gray’s Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice.

The new edition of this definitive guide to human anatomy is dazzling: it has been totally rewritten and radically restructured to be the text that all practitioners will need. This time, the actual number of pages has shrunk from 2,100 to 1,600, but the number of illustrations in it has increased to almost 2,000. Almost 400 of these are completely new and present all bodily structures with phenomenal clarity, including surface anatomy, radiologic anatomy, and microanatomy.

The classic book is also available for the first time ever as one of Elsevier’s new “e-ditions”, combining the traditional, printed text with two CD-ROMs that contain all the book's illustrations, including nine fully rotatable and strippable images, along with online access through a dedicated website that features weekly updates which will reflect the latest advances in the field.

Published continuously for close to 150 years, Gray’s Anatomy is the most famous medical book in the world. Although a number of older, out-of-copyright versions do exist, only the Elsevier/Churchill Livingstone edition offers the distinguished lineage of the original. Winning instant acclaim for its very first edition in 1858, Gray’s has an established track record of providing the latest thinking in medical knowledge and clinical practice in a single reference source.

The 39th edition continues this tradition with greatly expanded sections on neuroanatomy and embryology, areas of rapid progress in recent years. Also for the first time, Gray’s has been structured by body region rather than by body system, making it easier to use and more clinically relevant. The text of the e-dition is fully searchable and allows users to download and incorporate all the images to their own teaching and presentations. In addition, buying the e-dition will entitle the user to directly receive regular e-mail updates on advances in the field of anatomy, with hyperlinked access to new articles and expert commentary by the world-class editorial board.

Comments Editor-in-Chief Susan Standring, Professor of Experimental Neurobiology at King’s College, London, “This great work has never undergone such radical surgery before. Over the last five years, our exceptional editorial team has had the temerity to rip up the structure and content of Gray’s and start again almost from scratch. What we’ve ended up with is the most authoritative, useful and relevant working tool for practicing clinicians the world over.”

The appeal of Gray’s is boundless. The new edition will prove invaluable not only to the wide range of medical and healthcare clinicians, but also to biologists, artists, lawyers, teachers, fashion designers, sculptors, body builders ? in fact, to all those for whom a knowledge of functional anatomy is essential in their professional lives.

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About the 39th edition of Gray’s Anatomy
Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice, 39th edition can be purchased in book form (ISBN 0-443-07168-3) and in multimedia format (e-dition) that includes the book, CD-ROMs, and online access (ISBN 0-443-06676-0). Online access can also be purchased separately (ISBN 0-443-06675-2). All these options are available through most medical bookstores by calling 800-545-2522, or at

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