Emily Middleton

Senior Software Engineer

It’s a real team effort and knowledge transfer is key.

I joined Elsevier in September 2017 as a senior developer, after spending nearly a decade in financial services. I had been looking for a company where I could advance my career, while staying on the forefront of the latest industry standards and technology.Moving to Elsevier was an opportunity to work with industry leading search technology, and to become versed in machine learning.

I work on DataSearch, a search tool for cross-domain research data that won “Best Search Project” at the 2017 BCS awards. In the few months that I’ve been here I’ve learnt a great deal from our team’s search experts. I’ve also enjoyed teaching coding to the graduates in our team, and hope to become a mentor. It’s a real team effort and knowledge transfer is key.

Elsevier are keen to make the most of advances in technology, and my team is no exception. I’m eager to getmore involved in exploring the possibilities of machine learning to improve our search engine. Plus, the great benefits, including flexible working hours, allow me to balance this interesting work with family life.

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