Elaine Yin Cao

Head of eSales - HS Greater China

My work is supporting physicians to become more effective, which will result in better clinical quality and patient safety.

What do you do at Elsevier and who, ultimately, benefits from your work?

As head of Health Solutions for Greater China region, I work with my team to provide professional services and consultations to Medical Students, Physicians, Nurses, Clinical researchers and Hospital/medical institute Sr. Managements.

What do you enjoy about your work?

My work matters to professionals and to the people they treat. For instance, China, my homeland, is facing many challenges to develop the medical quality to better service our people, my work is supporting physicians to become more effective and to reduce the variabilities, which will result better clinical quality and patient safety.

Why you would recommend working at Elsevier to your friends?

I joined Elsevier in 2008 as an intern in Amsterdam, and I’ve worked for Elsevier over 10 years at three different locations. I really love my job and would recommend working at Elsevier to anyone who is willing to work with a company that truly cares about people, a transparent company that’s full of respect along with appreciation for what you have contributed.

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