An end-to-end scientific literature management tool for life science professionals

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Find, Organize and Share Scientific Literature

QUOSA automates scientific literature workflows, allowing users to find, view and share full-text scientific articles instantly.
This drives scientific information usage and helps to control costs as duplicate purchases are eliminated. Documents are stored and organized in a centrally-located, copyright-compliant, cloud-based environment, making remote access easy and secure.
What’s more, QUOSA supports searches of subscription services, including Embase, ScienceDirect, PubMed and others.

Incorporating a scientific literature management system [lets you] link all of your resources and systems together. Ultimately, it's allowed us to spend more time reading and less time looking for and managing scientific literature, and that's a huge benefit.Fran Mozloom Goodling, Associate Director of Knowledge Management and Library Services, Shire Pharmaceuticals.

QUOSA for iPad Provides On-the-Go Access

Access a repository of knowledge from anywhere. The QUOSA app for iPad provides a direct link to your institution’s content.

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