Knovel in Industry

Companies seek to limit costly redesigns and downtime, reach market faster and spur innovation. Knovel gives engineers access to vital information along with powerful discovery and analytical tools to meet these challenges, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

Aerospace & Defense

The pressure to innovate demands stronger and lighter advanced materials and components, as well as design enhancements to improve fuel economy and sustainability. Engineers are at the forefront, effectuating shorter timelines and cost-effectiveness in MRO processes, and addressing the faster obsolescence of products and technologies head-on.

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Keeping up with fluctuating materials prices, evolving environmental regulations and new safety requirements demands creative thinking. With targeted information and tools to help optimize manufacturing operations, engineers can decrease costs and reinvest savings into new products.

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Oil & Gas

Volatility is nearly a constant in the oil & gas industry, requiring companies to optimize how they manage risk and expenditures. Engineers add specific value, providing guidance on drilling techniques, fluid dynamics, rig and pipeline construction, material strengths and process design, plant safety, environmental impacts and more.

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Engineering, Design & Construction

Regulations and building codes are not set in stone, and can change in unpredictable ways, adding unaccounted for risk. Knovel enables engineering teams to leverage institutional and external knowledge to address shifting project specifications and shorter turnaround times.

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Equipment Manufacturing

Next-gen equipment and new customizations for existing platforms are needed to keep pace with the demand for industry growth. Engineers need targeted information on topics spanning material selection and tolerances, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, vibration, plastics, environmental impacts and compliance to make the greatest impact.

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Knovel Customers Speak

Knovel not only makes available many of engineering’s sacred texts, but also includes interactive tools that can extract data from tables, charts, graphs and mathematical equations to shorten the time spent on looking up information and testing ‘what if’ scenarios. The results provide a wealth of useful information across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Director of Global Engineering Standards at BP (PDF, 854kb)
[My use of Knovel comes in when] I’m going through and trying to understand more about how a particular process—chemical or upstream—actually operates so I can get a better handle of how those regulations apply. Compliance Assurance Specialist at Apache (PDF, 809kb)
Every time I have used Knovel to look for an answer, checked for industry or tribal knowledge to understand or enhance code requirements, or just needed an insight on a subject, Knovel has met the need. Perry Munsinger, Engineer, Bechtel (PDF, 827kb)

Used by Experts Around the Globe

Knovel is globally recognized as a trusted provider of online technical information. Engineers use Knovel to power towns with wind farms, rebuild bridges, design power plants and introduce new products to market.

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

Knovel provides engineers with a faster and easier way to discover and share relevant answers across users in multiple locations. It offers 40+ technical reference and premium content offerings, an intuitive platform experience that requires minimal training, flexible authentication methods and best-in-class reporting capabilities.