Why publish your Geography paper with Elsevier?

How to get published guide

how-to-get-publishedWe are continuously working to help authors enrich their articles, and researchers gain deeper insights and draw conclusions more quickly. Here are some of the benefits of publishing with Elsevier, including a few of our key innovations.

The guide has been developed by Elsevier experts to advise researchers, especially PhD students, on how to write academic articles. It also covers other useful topics like publishing ethics, open access options and Impact Factors. Read the guide online.

Your open access choices

 Open access optionsWe understand that some researchers want to make their research easily available and downloadable beyond the academic community. To meet this need, we offer researchers a number of open access publishing choices.  These include:
  • Open access journals
  • Open access articles
  • Open archives
  • Manuscript posting

Google maps

Google_Maps157We are the first journals publisher to incorporate Google Maps into scientific, peer reviewed articles. The interactive maps help users to visualize the author's data more effectively, in order to gain deeper insights, get a broader overview, and draw conclusions quicker.

Example Article

Submit your movies

Submit_Your_Movies157You can submit electronic supplementary files to support and enhance your scientific research. We support applications, movies, animation sequences, high-resolution images, background datasets, sound clips and more. These files will be published online alongside the electronic version of your article on ScienceDirect.

Example Article

Graphical abstracts

Graphical_Abstracts157Elsevier articles can now feature graphical abstracts, a visual summary of the main findings of the article, to allow readers to quickly gain an understanding.

Example Article

Research highlights

research_highlights157Get to the point with research highlights. These are bulleted lists of key findings of an article to help readers see whether the research is of interest to them.

Example Article

Enhanced upload tool

Multimedia_Data_in_your_ArticleThe Enhanced Upload Tool in the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) is specifically designed to facilitate the upload of large files, like those explained above.


citealert157CiteAlert is an initiative from Elsevier, which notifies authors by email when their articles are cited in Elsevier articles on ScienceDirect, offering them insight into how their work has influenced that of other researchers.

Article of the Future

aof-1-157The Article of the Future is now live on ScienceDirect. This is an ongoing initiative aiming to revolutionize the traditional format of the academic paper in regard to three key elements: presentation, content and context. The 2 pane navigation and presentation features were released on January 7th.  Mid 2012, the final part of the 3 pane format (contextual discipline-specific applications) will be added along with further improvements.

If you would like to hear more about it, there is a useful explanatory video on the website.