On the occasion of the EARIE Annual Conference, a number of special awards known as the Young Economists' Essay Awards (YEEAs) are chosen by a Selection Committee and presented to young economists who submitted exceptionally innovative and high-quality papers for discussion at the conference. YEEA prizes may be funded by various sponsors, as well as by the conference organisers and EARIE. As of 2006, one of the YEEAs is dedicated to the late Paul Geroski for the paper that makes the most significant policy contribution.

To be eligible for a YEEA, authors must be (a) under the age of 35 and (b) have completed their PhD less than 5 years ago. For papers with multiple authors, each author should satisfy the criteria (a) and (b).

From this year the awards are sponsored by Elsevier.

EARIE 2013 Winners

Paul Grieco (Pennsylvania State University)
Productivity and Quality in Health Care: Evidence from the Dialysis Industry.

Marit Hinnosaar (Northwestern University)
Time Inconsistency and Alcohol Sales Restrictions.

Christian Waibel (ETH Zurich)
Price Competition and Reputation in Credence Goods Markets: Experimental Evidence.
[8th EARIE Paul Geroski Prize for the most significant policy contribution]

YEEA 2013 Selection Committee: John Asker, Luís Cabral, Liran Einav, Patrick Rey, Yossi Spiegel, Tommaso Valletti.