Business and Management Special Issues

Business Process Modeling
International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 185-298 (Sep-14)
Edited by Frederik Gailly, Guido L. Geerts

Human Resource Management: Past, Present, and Future - Volume 1
Human Resource Management Review, Volume 24, Issue 3, pages 193-282 (Sep-14)
Edited by Diana Deadrick, Dianna Stone

Risk and Uncertainty Management in Technological Innovation
Technovation, Volume 34, Issue 8, pages 395-498 (Aug-14)
Edited by David L. Olson, John R. Birge, Jonathan Linton

Special Issue on Security in the Cyber Supply Chain
Technovation, Volume 34, Issue 7, pages 339-394 (Jul-14)
Edited by Jonathan Linton, Sandor Boyson, John Aje

Organizational Dynamics, Volume 43, Issue 3, pages 155-246 (Jul-14)

Emerging issues in performance measurement
Management Accounting Research, Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 117-186 (Jun-14)
Edited by Mike Bourne, Steven Melnyk, Umit Bititci, Ken Platts, Bjorn Andersen

Empirical Generalizations in Retailing
Journal of Retailing, Volume 90, Issue 2, pages 121-300 (Jun-14)
Edited by Wagner Kamakura, Praveen K. Kopalle, Donald R. Lehmann

Open Innovation: New Insights and Evidence
Research Policy, Volume 43, Issue 5, pages 805-926 (Jun-14)
Edited by Joel West, Ammon Salter, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Henry Chesbrough

Public Relations and Communication Management in South Africa
Public Relations Review, Volume 40, Issue 2, pages 127-396 (Jun-14)
Edited by Ronel Rensburg

Rethinking Partial Least Squares Path Modeling: Looking Back and Moving Forward
Long Range Planning, Volume 47, Issue 3, pages 131-172 (Jun-14)
Edited by Joseph F. Hair, Christian M. Ringle, Marko Sarstedt

Special issue of best papers of the 22nd annual IPSERA conference 2013: Purchasing & Supply Management for a Sustainable World
Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, Volume 20, Issue 2, pages 71-142 (Jun-14)
Edited by Thomas E. Johnsen, Mihalis Giannakis, Joe Miemczyk, Dirk-Jan Kamann, Emmanuelle Bernadin

Special issue on : Selected papers from the 10th Conference in Telecommunications, Media and Internet Techno-economics
Telecommunications Policy, Volume 38, Issues 5-6, pages 413-568 (Jun-14)
Edited by Dimitris Varoutas

Special Issue on AIS Education
Journal of Accounting Education, Volume 32, Issue 2, pages 99-222 (Jun-14)
Edited by Roberta Ann Barra, Mark G. Simkin

Special issue: ICA Global Research Conference 2013
Journal of Co-operative Organization and Management, Volume 2, Issue 1, pages 1-52 (Jun-14)
Edited by Athanasios Hadjimanolis

Special Issue on Accounting and the World Economic Crisis
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Volume 33, Issue 3, pages 205-302 (May-14)
Edited by Lawrence A. Gordon, Martin P Loeb

Special Issue: Base of the Pyramid
Technovation, Volume 34, Issues 5-6, pages 265-338 (May-14)
Edited by Jeremy Hall

Sensory perception, embodiment, and grounded cognition: Implications for consumer behavior
Journal of Consumer Psychology, Volume 24, Issue 2, pages 159-298 (Apr-14)
Edited by Aradhna Krishna, Norbert Schwarz

Special Issue on Emergence of Technologies: Methods and Tools for Management
Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Volume 32, pages 1-206 (Apr-14)
Edited by Tugrul Daim

Special Issue on Innovation in Networks - Per Freytag and Louise Young
Industrial Marketing Management, Volume 43, Issue 3, pages 359-534 (Apr-14)
Edited by Per Freytag, Louise Young

Talent Management
Journal of World Business, Volume 49, Issue 2, pages 173-288 (Apr-14)
Edited by Wayne Cascio, Akram al Ariss, Jaap Paauwe

Art and Management
Scandinavian Journal of Management, Volume 30, Issue 1, pages 1-148 (Mar-14)
Edited by Stefan Meisiek, Daved Barry

Information Systems Strategy-as-Practice
The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Volume 23, Issue 1, pages 1-92 (Mar-14)
Edited by Joe Peppard, Robert D Galliers, Alan Thorogood

Innovative and Established Research Methods in Family Business
Journal of Family Business Strategy, Volume 5, Issue 1, pages 1-128 (Mar-14)
Edited by Joseph F. Hair, Marko Sarstedt

The Concept of Distance in International Management Research
Journal of International Management, Volume 20, Issue 1, pages 1-90 (Mar-14)
Edited by Bjorn Ambos, Lars Hakanson

Competence-creating Subsidiaries
Long Range Planning, Volume 47, Issues 1-2, pages 1-130 (Feb-14)
Edited by Rajneesh Narula, Alan M. Rugman