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Consumer response to corporate irresponsible behavior: Moral emotions and virtues
Silvia Grappi, Simona Romani, Richard P. Bagozzi

The role of consumer–brand identification in building brand relationships
Urška Tuškej, Urša Golob, Klement Podnar

Supplier representative activities and customer perceived value in complex industrial solutions
Daniel D. Prior

Projective customer competence: Projecting future customer needs that drive innovation performance
Michael A. Stanko, Joseph M. Bonner

Winning hearts, minds and sales: How marketing communication enters the purchase process in emerging and mature markets
Koen Pauwels, Selin Erguncu, Gokhan Yildirim
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When a product takes on characteristics of the person who created it: Sometimes it sounds sweeter
Valerie S. Folkes, Shashi Matta
Revisiting the Satisfaction–Loyalty Relationship: Empirical Generalizations and Directions for Future Research
V. Kumar, Ilaria Dalla Pozza, Jaishankar Ganesh
Customer Attitude and Dispositions Towards Customized Products: The Interaction Between Customization Model and Brand
Gaetano "Nino" Miceli, Maria Antonietta Raimondo, Stefania Farace
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Storytelling during retail sales encounters
David A. Gilliam, Alex R. Zablah

An investigation of consumers' self-control mechanisms when confronted with repeated purchase temptations: Evidence from online private sales
Nawel Ayadi, Magali Giraud, Christine Gonzalez

The emotions that drive viral video
Karen Nelson-Field, Erica Riebe, Kellie Newstead

The customer engagement/value interface: An exploratory investigation
Linda D. Hollebeek

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