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Read about how two archaeologists used drones to reveal a 1,000-year-old village in New Mexico.

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Congratulations to our prize winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the following awards:

  • SAA Student Paper Award – Gregory L. Miller, Ohio State University
  • IJPP Early Career Award – Nivien Speith, Bournemouth University

For more award information visit the Elsevier Global Research Awards page

New journal: Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
Focusing on the results of the application of scientific methods to archaeological problems and debates.
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New journal: Archaeological Research in Asia
Presenting high quality scholarly research conducted between the Bosporus and the Pacific on a range of archaeological subjects.
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Content Innovation

Interactive 3D Models
You can now incorporate interactive three-dimensional (3D) models in OBJ, PLY and U3D formats within online articles in the following journals:

Journal of Archaeological Science
Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

More details can be found on our webpages for OBJ and PLY models and U3D models or on the individual Journal Homepages.

Authors are now able to publish a set of AudioSlides alongside their published article to provide additional insights for readers. For more information visit our AudioSlides page.

Special Issues

Advances in the Paleopathology of Scurvy: Papers in Honor of Donald J. Ortner
International Journal of Paleopathology, Volume 5, pages 1-106 (Jun-14)
Edited by Crandall John, Klaus Haagen

The Other Faunivory: The Signi?cance of Insects & Insect Resources for Nonhuman Primates, Modern Humans, & Extinct Hominins
Journal Of Human Evolution, Volume 71, pages 1-128 (Jun-14)
Edited by Rob O'Malley, Bill McGrew

Journal Of Anthropological Archaeology, Volume 32, Issue 3, pages 275-352 (Sep-13)
Edited by Andrzej W. Weber, Marek Zvelebil

Science and Technology for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Basin
Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 14, Issue 3, Supplement, (Jun-13)
Edited by Angelo Ferrari


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