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When research opportunities arise, you need an efficient way to identify the right collaborators, right now.


HolstegeGwendolyn Holstege is Publishing Enablement Manager and works for the CommunityEngagement team of the A&G Markets department of Elsevier in Amsterdam.
She is responsible for keeping the needs of authors, editors and reviewers top of mind when these relate to the online solutions Elsevier offers like ScienceDirect, Scopus) and SciVal  (Spotlight, Funding, Strata, Experts).
Prior to that she worked in a number of different roles for A&G Markets. Gwen holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Amsterdam.

SciVal Experts is a directory of research expertise pre-populated with the most useful and yet most-difficult information to compile -- deep publication histories – making it easier for you to find collaborators today. 

Unlike research networking tools that merely return lists of abstracts, SciVal Experts applies the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™ to produce a visual analysis of relevant concepts that instantly exposes a researcher’s distinctive expertise, based on publication history.

Rooted in Scopus® – the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources – SciVal Experts is also flexible, able to incorporate institutional data and individual researcher updates for a more comprehensive picture of institutional expertise.

SciVal Experts is used by a growing community of more than 20 institutions, most of which are in the US. Nearly all institutions choose to make their SciVal Experts directory publically available to demonstrate their researchers’ accomplishments so even if your organization doesn’t have SciVal Experts, you can start searching for collaborators today.


Access this list of publically available SciVal Experts applications or for a shortcut, visit SciVal Experts at the University of Michigan.

Browse profiles or search by concept, last name or full text to identify collaborators for grant teams, learn about new journals in your field and discover articles to read.

View researchers’ Fingerprints, publication histories and co-author networks to explore their unique expertise as well as their connections to other faculty and institutions.

Expand your research reach by searching across the SciVal Experts Community that connects you to researchers across SciVal Experts institutions, and the DIRECT2experts network that links you to researchers at organizations with other profile systems.

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