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 John Lardee


John joined Elsevier in 1995 and is a Senior project manager in Strategy & Journal Services department within S&T Journals




As reviewers, you will, at one time or another, have been asked to review the same manuscript twice, even multiple times. 
Not only does this result in a waste of your time and effort, it also demonstrates that some authors submit their research to journals which are simply not appropriate, either based on scope or impact. Our latest improvement to the manuscript submission process is a complimentary Article Transfer Service (ATS).

The ATS is designed to not only save author’s valuable time and effort when submitting their research but to also reduce the risk of reviewers receiving the same manuscript twice.
The service is available to authors, who have not been successful in their original submission, but whose research may be more appropriate in another Elsevier journal  


The ATS works by authors selecting a relevant journal whereby our experienced Elsevier Managing Editor will make the transfer of their manuscript without the need for the author to reformat or resubmit. 
If the manuscript has been sent out for peer review, the reviewer reports will also be included in the transfer, hence minimising the risk of reviewers seeing the same manuscript twice.

Authors will of course, be able to adjust their covering letter to address any of the previous reviewer’s concerns and to enable a fair assessment by the next editor.

The transfer service does not guarantee automatic acceptance in the new journal, it is a service which eliminates the need for authors to resubmit and allows editors to use the reviewer reports to decide if further peer review is needed.

What are the benefits:

  • Faster decisions for authors without the need to reformat or resubmit
  • Lessen the burden on reviewers through a reviewer sharing policy
  • Help Editors make faster more informed decision on manuscripts
  • Ultimately enable authors to publish in a journal which will maximise the impact of their research.

Although only launched in May 2011, the feedback has been very positive from Editors and authors:

"I would like to thank for your advice to participate to the article transfer service. I think it is a good idea for faster publication, and it is extremely helpful for us as well"- Author Physics

"This is a great step forward. I strongly believe as an Author as well as a Reviewer that this will be very helpful"- Author in immunology

An interesting update, I can't think why publishers didn't think of this before!”- Editor of a participating journal

For more information about the service visit our subject pages in Pharma Sciences,Physics and Immunology.

Please e-mail us with your comments or feedback. We always welcome suggestions for people to be interviewed for the Reviewer Profile.

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