Issue 8


As students return to Universities and Colleges throughout the world, there is a distinct buzz of excitement in the air, perhaps reminding us of the dreams, hopes and aspirations we ourselves had as we started those tentative first weeks of the academic year. Now, as professors, lecturers or mentors we are touched by this enthusiasm and can harness it to continue in our noble role as the custodians of peer review.

In this issue, Frank Arthur shares some tips on how editors can facilitate the Peer Review process. We would love to hear what you, as reviewers, think of this advice. Following on from the theme of peer review, Dr David Everett gives an account of some of the Ethics and Plagiarism issues that were discussed during the last COPE seminar held in November, in Washington DC.

In our third piece, Marie Sheehan from the Innovation & Product Development, introduces the Genome Viewer a new feature now available in ScienceDirect and part of the continuing 'Article of the Future' journey. Finally, in the  'Reviewers Profile' we speak to another experienced reviewer, Paul Hubert Vossen, who kindly shares some of his thoughts on reviewing.

Again I would like to sincerely thank those of you who personally wrote to me with kind words of support and of course for your feedback and opinions. If you have any ideas about what you would like to see included in future issues, please email me.

Thank you for the effort and expertise that you contribute to reviewing, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals. I hope you enjoy this issue.

Kind regards,

Dr Andrea Hoogenkamp-O'Brien
Communications Manager

In this issue:Peer Review

As an editor in chief for the Journal of Stored Products Research, Dr Frank Arthur tells us about some of the challenges he faces in peer review today.

Genome Viewer This new interactive feature, applicable for Life Sciences journals is now available on SciVerse ScienceDirect.Ethics and Plagiarism at the COPE Seminar

In 2010, the COPE seminar was held in Washington DC. Dr David Everett went along and gives us a summary of what was discussed.

Reviewer's Profile
Reviewer of the year in 2010 for 'Interacting with Computers', Paul Hubert Vossen shares his thoughts on being a reviewer with us.

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