Issue 7


In this issue, we focus on some of the steps in the publishing process. On helping to improve article quality in our first piece, we speak to Fabian Kersten about how we can Help Authors bring Clarity to their Research, with the new language editing and illustration services available in the Elsevier Webshop. In our second piece ‘Have you seen the Article of the Future?’ Marie Sheehan from Innovation & Product Development, tells us about this new and innovative initiative and what it means to researchers. 

We often hear from you, our readers that you would like to review for an Elsevier journal. But did you ever wonder How Editors find and choose Reviewers? In this article we present one of the tools available to Elsevier Editors, to help them find suitable candidates to reviewer papers for their journals. Finally in ‘Here’s What you Think’ we put this question to some of our readers: If you were CEO of Elsevier for a day, how would you change the Peer Review Process?

Results from the last poll 

43% of you would like to receive a letter from the editor informing you of a manuscript decision 
A further 33% would like to be blind copied on the decision e-mail to the author.


English Language Support
Fabian Kersten tells us about Elsevier’s effort to help improve overall manuscript quality. Two new pre-publication services have been introduced for authors and are now available on the Elsevier WebShop.

How do Editors Find and Choose Reviewers? We often hear from our editors about the difficulty of finding suitable reviewers, while reviewers themselves indicate that the papers they are asked to review are often irrelevant or of poor quality. Elsevier’s Find Reviewers Tool aims to help with this dilemma.

Have you seen the Article of the Future? With the transition from print to online publishing, the layout and presentation of scientific articles has remained relatively unchanged; still following a 350 year old format. Now this is changing. Article of the Future is an ongoing initiative to develop the scientific article with regard to three key areas: content, context and presentation.

Here’s What you Think  We put the question ‘If you were CEO of Elsevier for a day, how would you change the peer review process?’ to some of our readers and this is what they think.

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