Issue 5


The first article, here’s what you think, summarises the valuable feedback you sent us on our articles discussing the Reviewer Factor and Peer Review Index in Issue 4. Thank you very much for all your comments! For the second article, we approached journal editors for their advice on reviewing papers and in the third article why review? Professor Alan Johnson explains how reviewing is an essential part of career planning. Finally, we highlight how we offer support to reviewers during the peer review process.

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Here’s what you think
We are excited that following Issue 4, we received a number of emails commenting on the two articles about measuring individual reviewer contributions to the peer review process.

Advice from journal editors on reviewing
We’ve asked a group of our journal editors for their advice on reviewing papers. What follows is a compilation of their most valuable tips.

Why review?
Prof. Alan Johnson shares his advice with researchers who have recently completed or are about to complete their doctorate.

What we do to support reviewers
Reviewing is not an easy job and should not be taken lightly. Here we summarise how we support you with the task.