Your customer support team

The Elsevier Editorial Production Customer Support department is a dedicated helpdesk support service for journal authors, editors and reviewers. It is a global support department, providing 24 hour support 7 days a week, from offices in Shannon, San Diego, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Manila. Reviewers represent approximately 8% of our customers. This year to date the EP Customer Support team responded to almost 12000 queries form reviewers, providing advice, assistance and information on issues ranging from EES (Elsevier’s online review system) to Scopus to technical problems.

For many reviewers their first contact with the Support team is via our self help and information website: The website is accessible via the help and contact us links in the banner of all journal EES pages or via the Support & contact link on Reviewers’ Home page of the Elsevier corporate web site.

This online resource provides information and tools to our customers, including reviewers, to enable them to quickly locate the information they need without having to contact a Support agent. Features of the help site include

• A powerful search tool: reviewers can use keywords to search through the website content for answers and information. The content is filed in intuitive categories and sub-categories to make focused searching easier.
Interactive tutorials: a suite of e-learning modules covering all the main EES reviewer tasks.
• Comprehensive FAQ list: the website has a list of Frequently Asked Questions addressing the most common queries and information requests submitted by reviewers to the support team.
• 24/7 Live Chat function: reviewers can click into our online chat system to communicate in real time with a support agent.
• User friendly contact us web form: reviewers who prefer to contact support by e-mail can fill out a simple web form outlining their query. The system automatically searches through the website content to suggest possible solutions to the reviewer. If the suggested solutions are not suitable the reviewer can submit the webform to the support team.
• Easy query escalation: every article and page on the help site displays the support team contact information (telephone numbers, link to Live Chat and link to the e-mail webform) so that users can easily escalate a query to a Support agent if necessary.
• A rate this article and website feedback option: reviewers have an opportunity to rate every item of content by means of a simple rating scale, and can suggest improvements to individual articles, or to the help website in general, by means of a simple feedback webform.

The website receives over 300 000 visitors a month. Since the launch of the enhanced help site the number of reviewer queries to the Support team has reduced by more than 25%.

In order to continue to provide the optimum service to reviewers, we need an insight into their needs and expectations. To do this we have a number of initiatives in place to capture the “voice” of reviewers.

Listening: Customer Support team members call a representative number of customers to ask their opinions on the support service, new system releases, procedural changes, etc. The suggestions, feedback and insights gathered during these informal telephone interviews are fed back to the organisation.

Feedback: There is a dedicated mailbox for customer feedback on the Customer Support department or any Elsevier system or service: Reviewers, authors and editors are encouraged to send any comments, suggestions or complaints to this address. All feedback is processed by our Customer Relations manager and forwarded to the appropriate personnel for consideration and/or action.

Satisfaction Survey: To measure the quality of service provided by Customer Support, we conduct an ongoing satisfaction survey. Customers are invited to comment on the service by taking approximately 5 minutes to answer a series of questions. These relate to response time, quality and completeness of information provided and courtesy of the agent. The customer is also asked if he/she would recommend the services of the support department to a colleague. Approximately 8% of respondents to the satisfaction survey are reviewers.

Establishing and maintaining close relationships with journal reviewers is integral to the quality of service that our Customer Support team provides. Continuous improvement to self-help tools coupled with timely, efficient responses to queries, as well as focused feedback and listening initiatives, are all part of our ongoing endeavours to meet and exceed customer expectations.


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