Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of Elsevier Reviewers' Update. Our objective is to provide the reviewer community with relevant information on developments in peer review, the Elsevier submission & peer review system and other ways we support reviewers in their important task to safeguard the scientific quality of journals.

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A Question of Ethics: plagiarism and ethical infringement in publishing
“The last week was my most terrible one as an Editor-in-Chief”, a recent email read. “I had to reject four newly submitted papers because of blatant self-plagiarizing (in one case almost a whole paper, substituting copper for zinc)…". The vast majority of papers published raise no ethical concerns. But when it a case like this arises, it can be time consuming and frustrating.

Reviewers may not always agree, but that's not necessarily a bad thing…
Unanimous agreement among reviewers may make for a fairly easy decision for editors and give authors an unambiguous indication as to the quality and relevance of their work, but what happens when reviewers disagree?

Your Customer Support Team
The Elsevier Editorial Production Customer Support department is a dedicated helpdesk support service for journal authors, editors and reviewers. It is a global support department, providing 24 hour support 7 days a week, from offices in Shannon, San Diego, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Manila. Reviewers represent approximately 8% of our customers.

Making sense out of science
One of the more positive results to come out of The Publishing Consortium’s investigation into attitudes to the peer-review system is the fact that most academics appreciate its role as a quality-control filter.

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