Issue 17

Issue 17- December 2013


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In our last issue of 2013 we have some interesting contributions. Irene Kanter-Schlifke and Alina Helsloot talk about a streamlined review process in place for two Elsevier journals, Journal of Research in Personality (JSR) and Virology.  JSR and Virology allow authors to submit reviewer reports, along with their manuscript, from journals that have previously rejected the same manuscript and fulfill certain criteria. This streamlined review process reduces the burden on reviewers. Read More

Streamlined peer review process piloted by several Elsevier journals

Irene Kanter-SAlina HelslootPeer review is widely accepted as an essential, if not the essential component, in the scientific publication process. Nevertheless, the peer review process can be costly for everyone involved in it, not least for reviewers. Preparing thoughtful and detailed reviews is enormously time-consuming for reviewers.Read More

How CrossCheck can combat the perils of plagiarism

Gaia LupoLaura SchmidtAt Elsevier, we receive around a million articles per year for publication in our journals. Unfortunately, a small percentage fails to meet our ethics guidelines and nearly 50 percent of those cases are suspected plagiarism. To help address this obvious pain point for our editors, in 2008 we joined CrossCheckTM. Read More

Elsevier events recognizing reviewers

Every year our STM Journals Marketing department organizes many events and campaigns thanking and recognizing the hard work of our reviewers. Some campaigns are across large numbers of journals whilst others are journal specific. Read More

Reviewer profile

Walther ParsonWalther Parson holds an associate professorship at the Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria and an adjunct associate professorship at Penn State Eberly College of Science, PA, USA. Read More

Opinion poll

A streamlined peer review process is being piloted by several Elsevier journals.  As a reviewer, would you like to see more journals adopting a streamlined review process? Vote here.

Results from our Opinion Poll in Issue 16
What form of peer review do you prefer? (results as of 17 December 2013)

Single blind

Double blind

Open review

I don't have a  preference

18.9% (166 responses)

57.5% (505 responses)

16.6% (146 responses)

6.9% (61 responses)

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