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How long do I have to complete the review? Is there a deadline? What if I’m running late?

Deadlines for reviews vary per journal. The editors will provide information on deadline expectations with the review request. Editors appreciate being informed that you have received their request within a day or two and are able to complete the review. If you feel the review will take you longer to complete than normal, please contact the editor to discuss the matter. The editor may ask you to recommend an alternate reviewer, or may be willing to wait a little longer (e.g. if the paper is highly specialised and reviewers are difficult to find). As a general guideline, if you know you will not be able to complete a review within the timeframe requested due to a heavy workload, you should decline to review the paper. It is important that you keep the editor informed if the review is taking longer than expected.

Who can I ask for help if I need it?

If you have queries relating to the content of the paper, please contact the journal editor or the editorial office. For technical issues relating to our submission and review system, EES, Elsevier has a reviewers help-desk that can be contacted by e-mail: or by telephone: The Americas: +1 888 834 7287 (toll free for US & Canadian customers), Asia + Pacific: + 81 3 5561 5032, Europe & all other areas: +44 1865 84 3577.

Can I request the input of my colleagues?

Papers sent to you for review are confidential; however, requesting the opinion of a single colleague may be appropriate in some circumstances. Please consult your editor about this.

Can I refer the review to a post-graduate student?

Check with your editor. In general, if you feel the student is suitably qualified, this will be acceptable. If the review is referred to the student, he or she should communicate directly with the editor.

Other Questions

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