Reviewers' Update

Issue 19 - May 2014

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Welcome to Issue 19 of Reviewers' Update. In this edition, we hear from Harvard Professor, Raj Chetty, about the results of a reviewer experiment. We also learn about a new form of peer review for a new manuscript format - microarticles. And we take a look at the Your Paper, Your Way project and what it means for reviewers. Finally, you can learn more about a project to reassess reviewer and author revision times and discover how Mendeley interactive groups could be used to support peer review.

Later this year, we are looking to move Reviewers' Update to a blog-style website with articles published as they become available. We'd love to hear your views on this - and any other topic. Just email us at

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How small changes can influence reviewer behavior

 issue-19-home-img1Professor Raj Chetty and colleagues ran an experiment evaluating the effects of cash incentives, social incentives, and nudges on the behavior of referees at the Journal of Public Economics. The interesting, and sometimes surprising, results of the study will be published this summer. Read more...

How peer review is evolving to meet new article formats

Microarticles heroA new kind of article is becoming increasingly popular on the publishing scene – microarticles. This has offered the opportunity to rethink the traditional peer-review process. Read more...

Your Paper, Your Way and the reviewing process

 issue-19-home-img3Learn more about the Your Paper, Your Way initiative - which has now been rolled out to more than 500 Elsevier journals - and what it means for reviewers.


Establishing new revision times for Elsevier journals

issue-19-home-img4Sometimes, even simple things can make a big difference. An Elsevier project designed to reassess reviewer and revision times is large-scale, involving 1,100 journals. Yet we are focused on one small aspect: optimizing the deadlines we give authors and reviewers. Read more...

Experimenting with the peer-review process via Mendeley


Mendeleycan be used to improve the peer-review process, including a trial using the private group functionality. Read more...

Reviewer profile – Dr. Sudesh Bekal

issue19-home-img6Dr. Bekal has authored many  peer-reviewed papers and has reviewed for, amongst others, Elsevier's  multi-disciplinary Energy journal. He was one of the first in his region to develop technology for using  inedible oil in IC engines and these days he is involved in research in the area of solar and wind energy.  Read more...