Free access to archived articles of primary mathematics journals

Free Access to Archived Articles

We recognize how important archival material is for supporting advancements in mathematics research. That is why we have opened access to all available archived articles, back to Volume 1, Issue 1 (or the first issue available) of each of the primary mathematics journals from 4 years after publication to the 1st issue, which means back to early 1960s for several titles.

200,000 articles are now freely available to the mathematics community via ScienceDirect, for the following titles:

TitleYear rangeTotal nr of Articles freely availablei
Advances in Applied Mathematics1980-2010>1,300
Advances in Mathematics1965-2010>4,534
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (C)1997-2010>781
Annals of Mathematical Logicii1970-1982>230
Annals of Pure and Applied Logiciii1983-2010>2,050
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis1993-2010>675
Applied Mathematical Modelling1976-2010>4,330
Applied Mathematics Letters1988-2010>4,363
Bulletin des sciences mathématiques1998-2010>653
Computational Geometry1991-2010>980
Computers & Mathematics with Applications1975-2010>9,536
Differential Geometry and its Applications1991-2010>930
Discrete Applied Mathematics1979-2010>5,726
Discrete Mathematics1971-2010>12,666
Discrete Optimization2004-2010>250
European Journal of Combinatorics1992-2010>2,101
Expositiones Mathematicae2001-2010>250
Finite Fields and Their Applications1995-2010>691
General Topology and its Applicationsiv1971-1979>280
Historia Mathematica1974-2010>2,531
Indagationes Mathematicaev1990-2010>800
Indagationes Mathematicae (Proceedings)vi1969-1989>1,000
Information and Controlvii1957-1986>1,900
Information and Computationviii1987-2010>2,100
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning1987-2010>1,429
Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées1997-2008>700
Journal of Algebra1964-2010>13,306
Journal of Applied Logic2003-2010>254
Journal of Approximation Theory1968-2010>4,536
Journal of Combinatorial Theoryix1966-1970>430
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series Ax1971-2010>3,761
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series Bxi1971-2010>2,751
Journal of Complexity1985-2010>1022
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics1975-2010>9,342
Journal of Computer and System Sciences1967-2010>2,495
Journal of Differential Equations1965-2010>6,612
Journal of Discrete Algorithms2003-2010>380
Journal of Functional Analysis1967-2010>6,167
The Journal of Logic Programmingxii1984-2008>350
The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programmingxiii2001-2010>351
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications1960-2010>20,523
Journal of Multivariate Analysis1971-2010>3,213
Journal of Number Theory1969-2010>4,156
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra1971-2010>5,550
Journal of Symbolic Computation1985-2010>1,930
Linear Algebra and its Applications1968-2010>10,631
Mathematical and Computer Modellingxiv1988-2010>5,872
Mathematical Modellingxv1980-1987>600
Science of Computer Programming1981-2010>1,405
Stochastic Processes and their Applications1973-2010>3,598
Theoretical Computer Science1975-2010>9,675
Topology and its Applicationsxvii1980-2010>5,180

Total number of articles calculated from 4 years after publication (April 2009 at the time of this calculation) back to Volume 1, issue 1 or the 1st issue available. The numbers exclude editorial board listings, author indexes etc.

ii Continued as Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

iii Formerly known as Annals of Mathematical Logic

iv Continued as Topology and its Applications

v Incorporating Indagationes Mathematicae (Proceedings)

vi Incorporated into Indagationes Mathematicae

vii Continued as Information and Computation

viii Formerly known as Information and Control

ix Continued as Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A and Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B

x Formerly part of Journal of Combinatorial Theory

xi Formerly part of Journal of Combinatorial Theory

xii Continued as The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming

xiii Formerly known as The Journal of Logic programming

xiv Formerly known as Mathematical Modelling

xv Continued as Mathematical and Computer Modelling

xvi Title discontinued as of 2012

xvii Formerly known as General Topology and its Applications