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    Every month the Editors of Biological Conservation select one article which they consider to be a must-read article. This includes research on bushmeat trade in Africa for April, the topic of the incidental catch of seabirds during June, and how citizen science captures bird migration patterns for January.

    Here on the right you can see the animated visual providing insight in to the Orchard Oriole (Icterus spurius) Migration patterns, provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for the January article.

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    For almost 45 years, we have been publishing highly respected Environmental Sciences journals. By delivering first class information and innovative tools, we continue to refine our portfolio to serve the research need of educators, researchers and students worldwide. We aim for our journals to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of environmental sciences, including titles dedicated to ecology, environmental chemistry, toxicology, management, remote sensing, conservation and sustainability.

    We are proud to play an integral part within the Environmental Sciences community and to participate in the advancement of this field.

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  • New Journals in Environmental Science and Sustainability

    The field of Environmental Science is changing continuously, becoming interdisciplinary, and focusing on climate change and its impact on the world. Our new journals meet timely topics within the field, and provide a research outlet to disperse research on these crucial topics.

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    Each year, the quality of papers published in our Environmental Science journals is secured by the contribution of all our outstanding authors, reviewers and editors.

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    * Journal Citation Reports®, published by Thomson Reuters, 2013

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    Sandra Broerse
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Special Issues

Recent Environmental Science Special Issues

Global Diffusion of Environmental Innovations
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Volume 10, pages 1-94 (Mar-14)
Edited by Klaus Rennings

Urban Adaptation to Climate/Environmental Change: Governance, policy and planning
Urban Climate, Volume 7, pages 1-134 (Mar-14)
Edited by David Simon, Hayley Leck

Threats to upland waters
Ecological Indicators, Volume 37, Part B, pages 267-430 (Feb-14)
Edited by Christopher J. Curtis, Richard W. Battarbee, Donald T. Monteith, Ewan M. Shilland

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