Content Innovation

A selection of AudioSlides published in Elsevier’s Earth and Planetary Science Journals
AudioSlides are short, webcast-style presentations that are shown next to the online article on ScienceDirect. This format gives authors the opportunity to present their research in their own words, helping readers to quickly understand what a paper is about and appreciate its relevance.

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Presentation on content innovation
Spearheaded by Elsevier’s Article of the Future project, the content innovation initiative enables scientists to disseminate their research in its full digital richness in Elsevier articles.

Dan Lovegrove, publisher for Elsevier’s geology journals, gave a presentation on content innovation at EGU 2013.

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Data Deposit and Linking
Elsevier encourages authors to deposit raw data sets underpinning their research publication in data repositories, and to enable interlinking of articles and data.

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AudioSlides presentations allow authors to explain in their own words what their paper is about
AudioSlides are short, webcast-style  presentations that are shown next to the online article on ScienceDirect.
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New feature on ScienceDirect for Precambrian Research
Inline Supplementary Material (ISM) enriches an article by providing ancillary information in the appropriate context within the main article body. 
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Elsevier and EarthChem database linking: how it benefits you
Elsevier-published research articles from 23 journals in the Earth Sciences, hosted on ScienceDirect are bi-directionally linked to the corresponding research datasets in EarthChem.
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