Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Special Issue on Executable Papers for 3D Object Retrieval

Q: Will the Special Issue be freely available to the public?
A: Yes, the special issue will be freely available to all, on the platform.

Q: Does the author have to pay to make their article freely available?
A: No, the authors do not have to pay. Elsevier will open the issue at its own expense.

Q: Will the code be available in perpetuity?
A: Yes, the code will be hosted on an Elsevier server, thus preserving it as scientific record in the same manner as a journal article.

Q: Will an author retain ownership of their code?
A: Yes, authors retain ownership of their own code.

Q: Are there any theft prevention measures in the Collage Authoring Environment?
A: Yes, parts of code may be hidden from the end user. Further, use of Collage provides a “digital signature,” thus providing proof of ownership for the authors. Collage is a security encrypted platform, providing an additional measure of security for the authors.

Q: Will the database be shared with other publishers?
A: At the moment, the Collage Authoring Environment is exclusive to Elsevier