Call for Papers 2012

Instructions for Authors

All submitted full papers will be reviewed by at least three experts in the field, following Computers and Graphics standard practices.

The submission and review procedure is a two stage process. First, we invite you to have a good look at the capabilities that the Executable Paper can support, and submit a proposal for an executable paper. The proposal should contain the following information: short abstract describing the paper topic and results; description of the code and data to be provided, with information about the purpose of the code l and the type of interaction you foresee with it (e.g., input parameters, output expected); description of the datasets.

From these proposals, a selection will be made based on the extent at which papers use the novel features of the Executable Paper and provides an improved reader’s experience.

Second, selected proposals are elaborated and submitted as fully executable papers. Your submission will be peer reviewed. Based on the reviews, and in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, papers will be selected for publication in Computers & Graphics. We point out that normal review criteria apply to the executable papers, and that your submission must not be under review by any another journal or conference.

Please note that executable code and data will only be supported in the online HTML version of the paper on ScienceDirect. These components will not be included with the PDF or print version, and so the article should be written in such a way that it can also be understood without them. Code and data will be preserved as Supplementary Material with the published article, however, since this is a pilot project, the publisher cannot commit that executability of the code will be supported indefinitely.

When you prepare your proposal for an Executable Paper, please bear in mind the following:

We are looking forward to your proposals and contributions to an exciting special issue in the Computers & Graphics journal.

Please send proposals and questions to the guest editors, at

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