Computer Networks

Computer NetworksAd Hoc Networks, and Optical Switching and Networking (OSN) are members of a family of three international, archival journals publishing original, high-quality and unpublished contributions.

Ad Hoc Networks

Ad Hoc Networks is aimed at the ad hoc and sensor networking areas, in particular, at architectures, protocols, hardware and software platforms, and testbeds.
As for Computer Networks, our goal is being a top class, archival, scientific journal.


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ISSN: 1570-8705
Commenced publication 2003

Computer Networks

Computer Networks provides broad coverage of all topics of interest to those involved in the computer communications networking (wired and wireless) area.


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Bibliographic information 
ISSN: 1389-1286
Commenced publication 1976 
(Computer Networks and ISDN Systems from 1985-1998)

Optical Switching and Networking NEW

Optical Switching and Networking (OSN) focuses on the role of optical and opto-electronic technologies in networking and in switching architectures beyond point-to-point transmission.Specific areas of interest include optical and opto-electronic backbone, metropolitan and local area networks, and optical switching and interconnection systems. Both theoretical and experimental results are welcome.


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ISSN: 1573-4277
Commenced publication 2004

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