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Editors' Article Collection
Carbohydrate Research

Towards Engineering Mesoscience
Chemical Engineering Science

Celebrating the 2013 Chemistry Nobel Prize Winners
Chemical Physics

Enzymes in Carbohydrate Research
Carbohydrate Research 

Coordination Polymers and Metal-Organic Frameworks
Journal of Solid State Chemistry

Dynamics at Conical Intersections
Chemical Physics

Exemplary Manuscripts
Journal of Colloid & Interface Science

Selection of BMCL Digests
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

In Honour of Willie Motherwell
Tetrahedron Reports

Celebrating Issue 1000
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Carbohydrate Synthesis
Carbohydrate Research

HPLC 2012
Journal of Chromatography A

HTC 2012
Journal of Chromatography A