Symposia in print


Symposia-in-Print or Special Issues are collections of original research papers covering timely areas of organic chemistry. They have now been shown to attract more attention from readers. Analysis of citation data shows that papers such issues attract more than the average number of citations, and usage statistics from ScienceDirect also show they are more widely read. 

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tetletters_smallTetrahedron Letters does not usually feature Symposia-in-Print, but in 2000 published such an issue in honour of Professor Harry H Wasserman on the occasion of his 80th Birthday. To find this issue of Tetrahedron Letters, click here.

Open a PDF of all Symposia-in-Print

Open a PDF of all Symposia-in-Print


Each symposium is organized by a Symposium Editor who will invite authors, active in the selected field, to submit original articles covering current research, complete with experimental sections. These papers will be rapidly reviewed and processed for publication by the Symposium Editor under the usual refereeing system.

Authors who have not already been invited, and who may have obtained recent significant results in the area of the announced symposium, may also submit contributions for Editorial consideration and possible inclusion. Before submitting such papers authors should send an abstract to the Symposium Editor for preliminary evaluation. Firm deadlines for receipt of papers will allow sufficient time for completion and presentation of ongoing work without loss of the freshness and timeliness of the research results.