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Colloid and Interface Science CommunicationsColloid and Interface Science Communications will provide the broad scientific community with a convenient and time-saving resource of urgent reports on novel findings in all areas of colloid and interface science.

We invite short (2-4 page) manuscripts with initial reports on new fundamental concepts, research findings, and topical applications. A particular emphasis is given to the development of theoretically informed experimental techniques to study interfacial interactions and molecular design of colloidal materials with improved properties. With the help of the esteemed members of our Editorial Advisory Board, the submitted manuscripts will be thoroughly peer-reviewed within 3 weeks and published on line with full bibliographic references within 1 week after acceptance. We are looking forward to launching a flagship journal for rapid presentation of urgent results to the broad interdisciplinary readership. Welcome to COLCOM!


Distinguished Professor Alexander V. Neimark,
The State University of New Jersey

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