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Subscribe to Scopus

Scopus is available as an annual subscription. Under the terms of the agreement, Scopus can be used by anyone who accesses it from within a subscribing institution or organization. Remote access and/or access by walk-in users may be granted at the discretion of the library and is an option within the Scopus agreement. The subscription price for Scopus varies according to the size and research output of the institution or organization, as well as by geographic location. View a Scopus sample subscription agreement. If you would like more information about Scopus or wish to purchase a subscription, please visit the Contacts & Support page.

Activate your Scopus subscription

Once your account is activated, Scopus access can be set up according to your preference of:

The Scopus Admin Tool also allows you or your Scopus administrator to grant remote access to a user or groups of users. To learn more about the Admin Tool, watch the videos available in the 'Librarians' tab of our video player.

Promote Scopus to your users

The Scopus library loop video is a fast and easy way to promote Scopus to your users on open monitors throughout your library. Created in PowerPoint, you have the option to customize the first and last slide with your institution and library name. A universal version without the customization feature is also available. The full range of format choices are:

The Promoting Scopus Toolkit (opens as a zip file) contains materials to help you promote Scopus to your users. Resources that you can download and use include:

Below is a one line Scopus product description that can be copy-and-pasted into a library catalog or website:

Manage your Scopus account

Admin Tool

The Admin Tool gives you control of and helps you manage your Scopus subscription. Access to the Admin Tool is given during account set up. If you need to request access to the Admin Tool, or if you need to identify the Scopus administrator(s) for your institution or organization, please contact the Elsevier Customer Service team located closest to you. 

To learn how to use Admin Tool, watch the videos available in the 'Librarians' tab of our video page.

Usage Reporting

Elsevier offers Scopus administrators monthly or annual COUNTER Code of Practice 4 compliant usage reports through our Usage Reports site. Usage data is continuously tracked and stored, and administrators receive an email each month when new data is available.

In addition to providing COUNTER COP 4 usage reports, Elsevier is also a SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) compliant content provider. To activate SUSHI services and reports from Elsevier, please complete the appropriate application form from the list below.

If you need to identify the Scopus administrator(s) for your institution or organization, please contact Elsevier customer service.


On you can manage your Elsevier account online. Use it to renew your Scopus subscription, explore the Elsevier portfolio, view your current holdings and order additional products.

Find helpful videos at:

Get Scopus training & help

Get help whenever you need it. Context-sensitive Help and support tutorials are accessible from every Scopus page to assist you and your users with the specific task being performed. Plus we offer Live Chat when time is of the essence.

Scroll through our video collection to learn more about Scopus and find videos to share with your users.

For questions about your Scopus account, please contact your Elsevier Account Manager or the Elsevier Customer Service team closest to you.