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As explained in our privacy policy, and collect information through the use of "cookies" or similar technologies. Cookies are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.

The table below explains the main cookies set by / and their purpose.

Service Cookie Name Purpose SD_REMOTEACCESS For users who have set up remote access this cookie maintains the account information to be displayed in a popup message to the user when accessing outside the account IP range. SD_REMOTEACCESS_GL Cookie is created for registered users. This cookie will be created if the user logs in with userid/passwd If this cookie is present, SD_REMOTEACCESS cookie will not be created. SD_INFO When user logs, users can choose to let ScienceDirect remember their successful login. This cookie is used if 'remember me'option was selected. SD_ORCH Some users can have access to content via multiple organization that they choose from and allow ScienceDirect to remember their selection. This cookie remembers the selected organization. MIAMISESSION This cookie contains the session id. MIAMIAUTH Contains authentication token. EUID This is unique id for each user accessing ScienceDirect. RERUN_COOKIE Users are presented the option to rerun the search query they used when coming to ScienceDirect via a Google Search. If user chooses to rerun the search, this cookie used to identify articles that were accessed after the rerun search. USER_STATE_COOKIE Used to store the state information like search chunk size, sort order,etc SD_ART_LINK_STATE Used for Search Engine Crawler redirection. SD_REDEEM Used for bulk id registration process. acw This cookie is used for single sign on functionality. BROWSER_SUPPORTS_COOKIES Used to verify if cookies are enabled/disabled in the browse. PROP_RET_URL Used to track parameters from inward gateway links. TARGET_URL Used to direct the athens user after login. DEFAULT_SESSION_SUBJECT Retain the selected subject for the session. SD_HOME_PAGE_COOKIE Used for Search Engine crawler functionality. ArtAccState Track the state when propagating from ScienceDirect to other Elsevier products and then back to ScienceDirect. FEDERATION_COOKIE Used for Athens login. _shibsession_sciencedirect Used for shiboleth login. SD_ANON_CART Used to keep track of an anonymous user’s shopping cart. IHUBPreferences[x] Preferences information used by Elsevier Linkinghub to automatically redirect user to their preferred site.