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Agreement & Changes

Sample Subscription Agreement

Please click to view a sample agreement for Academic and Government or Corporate customers. Be aware that the details in the samples are fictitious and for illustrative purposes only. Contact Elsevier Sales for the specific details of your ScienceDirect agreement.

No Double Dipping Policy  

ScienceDirect has a strict policy not to charge subscribers for open access content. You can read more details about our No Double Dipping Policy.

Collection and title changes

During the year, Elsevier's title portfolio is subject to changes (such as name changes, transfers, discontinuations, add-ons to collections, new title launches).

The Journal Title Lists are updated regularly to reflect these changes.

Once a year the composition of journal collections and editions is adapted to these changes. Usually the new title lists for the next year are available via the Journal Title Lists in August of the year before.

The Book Title Lists reflect any changes in the books portfolio, such as new titles released in the frontlist or the composition of books collections and editions.

Personal Title Communication Service

You can contact your Account Manager or your Sales Support Coordinator if you would like to receive a Personal Title Communication that informs you of any changes to your specific journal holdings as specified in your current subscription agreement. With the Personal Title Communication, you will be informed each quarter about journal title and backfile changes, and once per year about updated journal collection or edition title lists.

Promoting ScienceDirect

Promote ScienceDirect to your users

The ScienceDirect animated library loop is an easy way to promote ScienceDirect to your users on open monitors throughout your library. Created in PowerPoint, you have the option to customize the last slide with your institution and library name. A universal version without the customization feature is also available. The full range of versions are:

Additional ScienceDirect promotional materials include a ScienceDirect poster and the ScienceDirect logo, as well as a one-line ScienceDirect product description. Details, descriptions and links for these items can be found here:

  • ScienceDirect poster: Download, print and post in high traffic areas throughout the library.
  • ScienceDirect logo: The 'orange on white' logo is designed to be used on a white background. The logo can accompany text or become an embedded URL hyperlink on a website.

ScienceDirect one-line product description for use in catalogs and websites:

ScienceDirect is a leading database of peer-reviewed science, technology and health information trusted by researchers, teachers and students around the globe.

The Using ScienceDirect page offers more helpful tips and materials about ScienceDirect for you and your users, including a ScienceDirect Quick Reference Guide.

Encourage your users to register on ScienceDirect for free. Registration helps them save searches, create alerts, define favorites, get updates, purchase articles and more.

To stay up-to-date, follow the ScienceDirect blog and on Twitter @ScienceDirect


On you can manage your Elsevier account. Use it to order Books on ScienceDirect,  Journals, ArticleChoice and Collections, and to explore the Elsevier portfolio.  You can also check order history and current holdings, or update an address, IP  address range(s) or third-party billing. And you can view your Account Manager details,  including working hours and contact information.

Find helpful videos at:

Please Register for to get started.

If your account has already been created, this is where you can Activate your account

Holdings & Usage

Electronic Holdings Reports

ScienceDirect provides electronic holdings reports which specify the titles and dates of coverage included in a library's subscription package.

These reports comply with the KBART Phase II draft recommendations, which can be viewed at

Customers can access three types of reports:

  • KBART product reports which provide information on all titles available on ScienceDirect
  • KBART account reports which provide customer-specific entitlements information
  • An updated version 2.0 of the ScienceDirect proprietary electronic holdings report which also provides customer-specific entitlements information. The proprietary report provides greater detail than the KBART reports, such as an access type breakdown for "Complimentary", "Entitled", "Open Access"etc., and is also compliant with KBART recommendations. Although much of the information provided in the new report will be familiar, the columns and fields are now in a different order and column headings have changed to meet KBART specifications.

Librarians and system administrators can download library holdings data directly from ScienceDirect

  • Open
  • Click on the "Journals"or "Books"icon in the green banner at the top of the page
  • Follow the link at top right to "Electronic holdings reports.

Activate automatic updating of your library knowledge base with your KBART-compliant holdings report, if your service provider has partnered with ScienceDirect.

ScienceDirect partners with library service providers to link and integrate the new KBART-compliant holdings reports directly with library knowledge bases. Using an Application Programming Interface (API) which ScienceDirect has developed for the holdings reports, service providers can enable automatic updating of the library knowledgebase with the library's holdings report. This automatic process reduces library workload, and provides a more reliable and accurate service to patrons.

This integration gives a customer's service provider direct access to their current holdings report, allowing them to keep the library knowledge base continuously updated with the customer's latest electronic holdings. There is no configuration and no further action required by customers.

Service Providers who have partnered with ScienceDirect to offer this feature: OCLC

Library service providers who would like to work with us to make this feature available to library customers are invited to contact us at

Download the ScienceDirect Electronic Holdings Reports Quick Reference Guide

Usage Reports

Elsevier offers administrators monthly or annual COUNTER Code of Practice 4 compliant usage reports through our Usage Reports site. Usage data is continuously tracked and stored, and administrators receive an email each month when new data is available.

Several types of usage reports are available, including:

  • Download behavior: This set of reports includes information on overall account usage, and indicates the articles and journals which have been downloaded, and the number of times they are downloaded.
  • Search behavior: This set of reports tracks the number of searches within your account, the average time spent on ScienceDirect, and other user behaviors. 

In addition to providing COUNTER COP 4 usage reports, Elsevier is also a SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) compliant content provider. To activate SUSHI services and reports from Elsevier, please complete the appropriate application form from the list below.

If you need to identify the ScienceDirect administrator(s) for your institution or organization, please contact Elsevier customer service.

Admin Tool

Admin Tool helps you manage and customize your ScienceDirect subscription. Access to the Admin Tool is given during account setup. If you need to request access to the Admin Tool, or if you need to identify the ScienceDirect administrator(s) for your institution or organization, please contact Elsevier Customer Service.

You can use the Admin Tool to:

  • Add your library or organization's logo and custom message to ScienceDirect
  • Assign additional administrators
  • Manage your IP address range(s)
  • See all content your account has access to via Electronic Holdings Reports
  • See your most recent usage statistics
  • Create groups and manage user IDs
  • Enable remote access for users
  • Activate automatic updating of your library knowledge base if your service provider has partnered with ScienceDirect
  • Configure Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery services
  • Enable users to make credit card purchases of non-subscribed content
  • Configure your ScienceDirect link settings
  • Configure federated single sign-on access via Shibboleth