Books Title Lists


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Books Title Lists

This page provides title lists for all the types of books and book collections currently available for purchase on ScienceDirect. Please scroll down to find the title lists that meet your needs.

  • Title lists are updated weekly
  • Go to the bottom of this page to get a complete listing of books on ScienceDirect or a list of your institution's ScienceDirect holdings

Many eBook collections have changed over time. As of April 1, 2014, the eBook subject collections shown below include a large number of titles added when Elsevier acquired UK-based Woodhead Publishing and Chandos Publishing. If you are looking for a title list for books purchased before April 1, 2014, please follow the link below.

eBook titles

Frontlists of eBooks

  • Frontlist for 2014
    (HTML version;Excel version;CSV version)
  • Subject-area Books Catalogs for 2014:
    • Alternative and Renewable Energy (PDF)
    • Animal Science (PDF)
    • Biomedical Science and Medicine (PDF)
    • Chemical Engineering (PDF)
    • Chemistry (PDF)
    • Computer Science (PDF)
    • Earth and Environmental Science (PDF)
    • Engineering (PDF)
    • Finance and Economics (PDF)
    • Food Science (PDF)
    • Forensics, Security and Criminal Justice (PDF)
    • Immunology and Microbiology (PDF)
    • Material Science (PDF)
    • Math (PDF)
    • Neuroscience (PDF)
    • Oil and Gas (PDF)
    • Pharma Toxicology (PDF)
    • Plant Sciences (PDF)
    • Social Sciences (PDF)
    • Stem Cell and Biochemistry (PDF)

Backlists of eBooks


All eBooks

All eBooks available on ScienceDirect including monographs, textbooks and volumes of discontinued, irregular or closed series

Book Series titles

All Book Series available on ScienceDirect

Handbook Series titles

Major Reference Works titles

All MRWs available on ScienceDirect including encyclopedias and comprehensives


College Edition

College Edition Books Collections cover a wide range of authoritative content from eBooks, [hand]book series and Major Reference Works, published after 1995 in specific subject areas.

Corporate Edition

Corporate Edition Books Collection covers a wide range of authoritative content from eBooks, [hand]book series and Major Reference Works, published after 1995.

Local Language Collections

French Language eBooks

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Complete book list

How to Generate a Complete List of Journal and Book Titles on ScienceDirect

You can find various lists of titles covered by ScienceDirect by clicking on "Electronic holdings reports" in the Journals and Books listing pages in ScienceDirect